Bus Rental – 50 Seater Luxury Bus Rental

or group outings in the city, as part of summer camps or to simplify business trips, nothing like renting a bus. The bus makes it easier to organize and reduce transport costs by offering a grouped and shared alternative to the private car. To know the benefits and the price of renting a bus, read these few lines.

Are you an organizer of trips or school trips? Think about bus rental!

As a group transport vehicle, the bus is often associated with the bus, but it differs in terms of equipment: baggage hold, onboard toilets, reclining 50 Seater luxury bus rental, even berths, the coach is perfectly suited to long-distance journeys and trips. Of tourism. It also has seatbelt which is mandatory.

The bus is more often used for city trips or interurban connections with scheduled or scheduled stops. To gain mobility, it is indeed relevant to use a bus for group travel such as: visit to the museum, sightseeing tour with guide and driver, go to the site of a seminar or meeting. Coach fares are generally determined by the duration, mileage, and departure or arrival cities.


In 2016, the French made nearly 42.9 million day trips, more than 100 kilometers from home. More than 94% of these excursions took place in UAE. Over the same period, 194.8 million trips were organized in UAE with an average duration of 5.7 nights. While many travelers used personal vehicles or their own cars for these trips, many also used public transport or rented buses and other passenger vehicles (coaches, minivans).

Rent a bus or coach with or without a driver?

Just as for coaches, driving a bus or any vehicle with more than 50 Seater luxury bus rental means that the driver must hold a driving license D, which is essential for the transport of passengers in UAE. It can be issued under conditions of success to the test, to any person already holder of the license B being over 24 years old.

Many rental agencies like Swat Rental, Rent a Coach, Drivya or Alliance offer a service with or without a driver. Each coach is composed of 20, 40 or 50 Seater luxury bus rental to adapt to all needs: tourism, business, leisure. Lessors who do not have the D permit can thus benefit from a complete service without the constraint of the driver.

Less than 8 places? The vehicle is more like the minibus. It is then not necessary for the driver to hold the permit D, only the license B is sufficient.


Specialized companies in UAE and abroad offer quotes for the rental of very special buses and coaches that adapt to customer demand. Dedicated to bachelor parties or parties with friends, these buses that offer several seats are transformed into a nightclub during the festivities.

Business: renting a bus or coach for business tourism

Professionals know it, strengthening links between employees is essential. Renting a coach-type vehicle with around 20 seats on average can therefore be a good way to transport your teams to a meeting venue while improving group cohesion. Bus rental can also be part of a more entertaining escape game. The vehicle is an integral part of the game.

Coach rental agencies are numerous in UAE: it is therefore advisable to professionals who wish to request a quote to compare offers and find the best answer to their needs.


Holiday vouchers as well as restaurant vouchers are benefits in kind offered by some companies to their employees. In this case, the company must assume a share higher than the wage share. These holiday vouchers can pay all or part of the rental costs of vehicles such as cars, buses or coaches. Do not hesitate to ask the question or to request a quote.

Rent a school bus for small and large trips


The school bus rental allows elementary, middle and high school students and their companions to go on cultural, sporting and fun outings. Whatever the destination, many companies offer to rent buses or coaches with driver to accompany the groups on the place of their visit…

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