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In the near future we are going to hire a plumber to replace the pipes in the apartment and install new casa view plumbing wiring. In connection with this,these questions arose:

  •  How to hire a plumber
  • How to immediately recognize the”layman”
  • How to evaluate the quality of work andcarry out its acceptance

We certainly will not hire any blogger plumbers, as well as masters from specialized firms (financially this will be too expensive for us). “Wild” brigade does not want to hire either. Consequently, we will search on the Internet (for example, “familiar friend”, Avito and others like him).

Suppose the found portfolio, we will determine the candidate. Next meeting, discussion of our hotel ok. By the way, does it make sense to talk in parallel with some other master in order to be able to compare and choose the best one?

casa view plumbing

Suppose we have come to a mutual technical and financial agreement, what to do with the advance payment (let’s say for the purchase of materials)? What size is usually such a payment and how to hedge against the “kidalova” (take a receipt and passport sfotkat)? Since I can’t name all components of the water supply system right up to the article, I’ll rely on the land polished benefit offered by to ensure casa view plumbing experience. Is it worth it before the-installation to see what he bought (because then it will be difficult to change something)? How to communicate with him understand that he is not”Copenhagen” in plumbing? If any key points at which you can catch a person in illiteracy?

When the epic with the installation is over, then how to take the work? Since we will put polypropylene, then, for the sake of peace of mind, you can first ask me to solder several elements (to see the quality of the soldering from the inside)?

And here are my thoughts on accepting work: first of all, visually verify that the pipes are parallel and perpendicular (such as alignment, etc.), secondly, make sure that there are no excessive flows in the places of pipe soldering, thirdly, try to the touch (with the help of a piece of paper it can) detect leaks, fourthly, to check the operation of valves and control valves. And further. Would it be right to do such a thing: I saw on the forums, like with a pressure gauge, a people screwed into a watering can, the people measured the pressure in the system? Does it make sense to measure the pressure in the system in this way in the presence of casa view plumbing and compare with the pressure after the repair? I think that if the pressure is substantially less, then it has to be, or with soldering, has it messed up or something else wrong?

And finally, how and in what way can a warranty be requested on the work produced? Maybe there is some standard contract for this business or there are other ways and tricks?

It is possible (and even certain) that many of you were asked the same questions and you already have the answers. And maybe the plumbers present at the forum will tell you how they act during the first and subsequent communication with customers?

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