How to celebrate the Happy new year with colleagues and partners, make everyone happy and do not go broke

Before the Happy new year, it’s both personal and corporate. If you haven’t been willing to.

When organizing a corporate party, consider three factors:

  1. Aurally. It is associated with a decrease in the number of patients. It is necessary to keep a lot in mind.
  2. Financial burden there is a tendency for business to go for a business.
  3. Need for debriefing. It seems that he wants to get it.
  • So, what to do:
  • It’s not a problem.
  • Calculate the budget; how do you surprise me;
  • Create a festive atmosphere.


The determining factor is the amount of free money. The amount is a personal matter we decided for ourselves that we are ready to spend about 15% of the final margin in December. They left money for two monthly payroll and an office, deducted bonuses that we give out for the happy New Year, spending on all possible items of expenditure, a reserve fund – and in the end decided to spend about 15% of corporate earnings on corporate. Planning is important not to fly anywhere.

After you have determined the “Happy new year” budget, it is worth breaking it up into 3 parts: 40% – into employees, 40% – into customers, 20% – into decorations and everything related to the happy New Year’s atmosphere.


The corporate budget is divided by the number of employees – we get the amount per person. It would be good to break it into several parts – food, alcohol, entertainment. A person eats and drinks an average of 3-4 thousand rubles per evening – if without “tin” (with a bar, you need to be careful not to turn the corporate party into the film “Bitter”; alcohol and subordination are not compatible). On entertainment is to lay about 2 thousand rubles per person.

In our case it was a bar rent for a few hours and an immersive quest. First, team games with puzzle solving unite the team. Secondly, it is a ready-made solution, over which you do not need to puzzle. Thirdly, not very expensive, but very fun. Everyone got a lot of emotions and a couple of days just talked about it.

Clients and partners

We segment customers and partners into VIP (they should definitely make a gift), standard and optional.

We have been thinking about creativity for a long time, we have sifted through various formats of congratulations, in the end we stopped at a budget, but cool – branded donuts with delivery. The pleasure is inexpensive and very pleasant, and most importantly – photogenic: people will probably want to share pictures on social networks, making us additional coverage.


Think in advance how to make an inexpensive, but pleasant surprise for the staff. We bought a Christmas tree and decorated the office – it costs a penny, but it creates a festive atmosphere and shows the employees your care. In the days when everyone rummaged, this is especially valuable.

And no matter how much money you spend, the main thing is how well you will “fall” into expectations and demonstrate goodwill.

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