How to get a premium Spotify++ account in US in 5 minutes

The debate about which music service is better will never subside. It’s like a war between fans of Windows and macOS, like a standoff between iOS and Android users.

If you can use the main streaming services in US and nearby countries without any problems, then you will have to tinker with Spotify++.

Who needs Spotify++

To begin with, it should be understood that the company hailing from Sweden is the first on the market of music streaming services. For almost a decade of history, the creators of Spotify++ have perfected the work of their project almost to the ideal.

Currently, there are service customers for all current mobile and desktop OSs, and the user audience at the end of 2017 exceeded 140 million people (for comparison, Apple Music can boast only 40 million active listeners).

Spotyfy is loved and appreciated for one of the largest music catalogs and the best service for the selection of similar music. I myself enjoyed discovering several obscure groups and compositions when I asked to play similar recordings on tracks from my selection.

Spotify++ in Spotify++ is a rather conservative model of geographic expansion. Before entering the new market, analysts weigh the pros and cons several times, and only then decide to provide access to the service in a particular country.

Back in 2014, there were rumors about the upcoming appearance of Spotify++ in US, but later the company’s management plans to change and we were again left without one of the best music streaming services.

What Spotify++ options are now available?

The service has two types of accounts: free and premium. There are also family subscriptions, but this is a topic for another conversation.

The first (free) allows you to access the entire music catalog, listen to the radio and selections, search for tracks and add them to playlists. At the same time, the number of tracks skips is limited, the user will periodically listen to ads and will be able to listen to playlists only in shuffle mode (Shuffle).

Premium account gives the following privileges:

No advertising;

Track quality up to 320 kbps;

Unlimited order of listening tracks;

Daily personal selections based on musical preferences;

The ability to save tracks on your device to listen offline.

How to use Spotify++ in US

Unfortunately, without “dancing with a tambourine” in US, neither a normal account nor a premium one can be connected.

First you need to install the application. On Mac, Windows and Android, you can easily download the program regardless of the region. On the iPhone, do this:

Register a foreign account Apple ID (it is possible for the United States or for another country in the store which has an application);

Change the account to the one created and download the application, then return to your account;

Keep in mind that when changing accounts, the iCloud library is disconnected, which is fraught with deleting downloaded tracks in Apple Music

A simple account can be obtained using any VPN service or PROXY.

1. Launch any VPN or PROXY client to “move” to a country with Spotify++ running, for example, the United States.

2. We register with the indication of real mail and fake mailing address (can be found on the net).

3. Activate the account and listen to music for free.

In addition to the above limitations of the Free version, there is another unpleasant feature. Every 14 days the app will ask home. To extend the usage period in another country, you need to enable VPN / PROXY again and log in.

How to get a premium account

A few years ago it was possible to pay a subscription in the USA or another region with the help of some domestic payment services or bank cards. Then they closed the loophole and began to demand a binding of a local bank card to activate the premium.

Now many users are practicing the registration of family accounts for several people, one of whom has the necessary physical or virtual card. So you can get a premium and save on the cost of the service.

In order not to look for such a “family” and not depend on the whims of its other members, it is better to buy a premium yourself. Make it easier and more profitable not in the United States, but in another region.

When registering an American account, the premium will cost as much as $ 9.99 a month. The most affordable prices are Malaysia and the Philippines. In the first case, the premium accounting will cost about 180, and in the second – 270 rubles.

Regional catalogs have minor differences, most music lovers will not notice them.

Here’s what you need to do to listen to music at a nice price:

1. Change the country in your existing account to Malaysia or the Philippines. To do this, go to the account settings, select the Edit Profile item and change the Country field.

Just because the desired state does not appear there. It is necessary to “move” to the region through VPN / PROXY. It is more convenient to do this on a computer through the replacement of PROXY. Here you can find the necessary addresses.

Finding a free VPN with servers in these countries will be difficult.

2. Go to the Seagm service website and register. VPN and PROXY can already be turned off, the current country of residence should be indicated at check-in for easy payment.

3. On the service site in the search, look for Spotify++ and select maps for the desired region: Malaysia (MY) or the Philippines (PH) .

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