play billiards, seriousness, dynamism and strategy are the key words! Currently, this strategy game meets more and more followers, because it is a hobby adapted for all! By the way, now gambling is becoming more and more professional: France for example has a federation of billiard pool cues The latter organizes local and sometimes international meetings and competitions. To live this unique and trendy passion, nothing better than learning how to play it! Besides the rules to know, there are some tips that can help everyone to win!

How to stand when playing billiards?

Not too rigid! You just have to stand with ease! Now: where and how to place yourself? First, we must position ourselves against the shot to play while holding the tail at the hip with the right hand. The right foot must be perpendicular to the tail, while the left leg advances one step. Now establish the easel on the carpet according to the length of the image. For a refined look, take small steps on the side or move the easel. Note that the rod and the ball must be glued for a specific shot. In case the move is complicated, move your hand slightly to the east.

How to place his fingers?

Everyone has their own style and method of holding a dick in billiard pool cues For right-handed people, the bottom of the tail must be grasped with the right hand and the narrow part with the left hand (the opposite for the left-handed). After that, you have to wrap your index finger around the tail, with your thumb pressed against the bottom. In fact, there are different positions of the fingers: either the tail is placed on the index finger, or between the fingers. Therefore, the ideal is to try them all to find the one that best suits your morphology. Note that the back hand should not move when firing. Before shooting, aim at the point of impact, that is to say, put on the line of sight: the white ball and the ball to hit.

How to make a retro?

Retro refers to a technique that aims to replace the white ball after touching a target. This to prepare the next move! To do this, it is necessary to hit horizontally the ball in the center with the tail. Then, extend the stroke on the hit so that the ball comes back. The speed provided allows to give energy to the passage of the retro. Do not force because it is not effective: the more you force, the more difficult it is to achieve a retro! Note that there are several types of directions: full, ¾ ball, ½ ball …

How to make an attack in the center?

Very popular at billiard pool cues , the attack in the center is a technique used to work on the rebound of the ball. To achieve this attack, it is necessary that the ball slides naturally on the carpet without any rotation before the effect of friction is triggered to communicate a rotation forward. The duration of this sliding phase varies according to the power of the blow made. With an attack in the center, it is necessary that the angles on the trajectory and the band before and after rebound are substantially identical. To do this, the ideal is to focus on the power of the strike and the amount of balls to make a winning shot billiard pool cues.

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