Write the text of a song

Even if the melody of a song is wonderful, its success is limited if the lyrics are not good. This is the reason why some composers who have no talent for literature collaborate with authors. But how to write the text of a song ?

In fact, there is no precise formula. On the other hand, there are some rules to apply. The principle is to build a unique, original text, rich in content and convincing. Do not write to write, especially since decades now, everything has been written.

Here are some tips that could guide you even if there are no miracle recipes.


The first rules to follow

Before going further, it should be noted that words can also become music especially when they are arranged in an artistic and creative way. This is the case when the author manages to rhyme each sentence. The existence of a good synchronization between rhythm, melody and words is also necessary. In other words, the speech has to stick to the music and vice versa. When writing the text of your song, it is recommended that you do not start listening to the instrumental. It is better to remember the melody and work with a guitar or a piano. Do not hesitate to help you with a rhythmic structure, it can also influence certain words, how to pronounce them, to place them in rhythm.

The structure of the song

Note that the word of a song has different parts. So when you create music, you have to think about it. To begin, there is the introduction. It is optional. Then there is the verse or the main part that is represented by the letter A. It will be followed by the chorus symbolized by the letter B. This is the most important part. She must be catchy. Some songs also have a bridge called C. Thus, the authors can opt for the standard AABA or ABAB structure or a more complex model of the ABACB type. Each part of the song must be visible in the score. It must be said that making music is far from simple. There are therefore the “classic” structures, it is perhaps also the recipe for success. However,

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The content of the text

To write a text of quality, that is to say a text endowed with interesting and rich content, one must already find a good inspiration. It is much easier to write about a fact you have lived or seen than to invent a story based on what you feel. In addition, it is necessary to choose a topic which interests the listeners and which is compatible with the melody. Talking about violence while the music is very soft or languorous is not very appropriate.

The next step is to write down all the ideas that come up. Then we sort and arrange the words. To write a striking text that touches the listeners, it is also necessary to ensure the continuity of the thread of idea between the verses and the chorus. Note that we must put more emotions in the chorus. It is not enough to put words one after the other: there must be a story, a development, a logic …

We also know the impact of music on our society . Some songs only exist by their words. There are songs to text but not only. There are also songs to claim a cause, be it political, social or in any other area such as charity (we can for example quote the song of the restaurants of the heart which became the anthem of a whole fight). The impact and the important role of these words can not be underestimated.

Rhyme and choice of words

A good word of song is easy to understand and remember. That’s why it’s always recommended to give it a poetic look. Who says poem, says rhyme. In fact, as it was mentioned before, rhyme gives a musicality to the text. With a dictionary of rhymes one can easily find words that end with the same syllables. Thus, it becomes easier to rhyme sentences. Now, let’s talk about the choice of words. Simplicity is in order. In other words, use short, easy-to-remember words.

The rhyming dictionary can be an ally but it should not in any way influence you in your creativity and spontaneity. Sometimes it’s better to let the words come rather than go to them. In addition, if you absolutely want to “put” a word, you may need to review the construction of the sentence, or even the paragraph.

A song is sometimes written in one hour (it’s rare!), Sometimes in a month or more, sometimes never! It happens that the text arrives at a stroke, helped by the music and the melody. In any case, in my opinion, it is never good to dissociate the text from the music. There can be very beautiful texts, beautiful melodies without being superimposed perfectly. Sometimes, texts or music are less rich but the assembly is perfect. A successful song is undoubtedly the perfect marriage between a melody and its text.

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