Shark Pilot Freestyle SV 1106 Study Buyer’s Guide

Awesome quality cordless stick my shark vacuums normally continue running between $150 to over $300, envision a situation in which I revealed to you that I’ve found a covered gen that costs barely short of $200.

Yes, you heard that under $200 for an overwhelming stick vac that will hold fast against its pricier accomplices.

Allow Me To Introduce The Shark Manage Freestyle.

Buyers high recommend this and valued how it cleans pet hairs on revealed floor and cover, that is in light of the fact that it is ready with a mechanical sweep roll that could be ousted for basic cleaning.

One exceptional component it has is the foot switch that you may like. It has two settings – uncovered floor and cover.

If you use the revealed floor setting, it will continue running for around 18 minutes.


  • Lightweight
  • Has swivel controlling that makes it to a great degree adaptability
  • Self-standing
  • It can clean greater junk since it has an opening in the midst of the base
  • Elastic treated wheels confine scratching on hard surfaces
  • Works honorably on both hard surfaces and cover
  • Forcefully assessed
  • By and large short charge time
  • Battery can be supplanted


  • Boisterous
  • By and large short run time, particularly for cover
  • Can’t be used to significant clean
  • Just goes with a one year ensure
  • Control catch may be slaughtered by chance
  • Altogether a story cleaner – you require an alternate handheld vacuum for that

Highlights At First:

One part that I like eventually is the foot-switch since you don’t need to contort down just to turn on the machine.

This catch has two settings, the uncovered floor and cover. In the cover setting, the automated brush will turn speedier and suction will be more grounded, clearly it’ll be noisier.

Here are the full segments:

  • 14.5 volt nickel metal hydride battery
  • Swiveling head makes this easy to move
  • Immense easy to fumes soil glass
  • Needs around 5 to 8 hour to stimulate
  • 2 speed settings for cover and uncovered floor
  • 12 minute run time on cover and 17 minute run time on cover
  • Lightweight at only 7 pounds

Uncovered Floor Execution.

It worked mind boggling on revealed floors according to reviews. The blend of suction and the motorized brushed worked magnificent at snatching little to some degree unfathomable debris.

If you look at the focal point of the base it has an opening that licenses it to get greater waste, the length of it fits that opening, cleaning up greater junk shouldn’t be an issue.

Cover Execution.

Shockingly at this esteem level, it performed pretty pleasantly on cover.

It will fight on thick shaggy cover yet for spot clean-ups it’ll be reasonable.

Pet Hair Departure.

Pet hairs should not be an issue too in light of the mechanical sweep, you basically need to check from time by time if pets or human hair has wrap around the sweep.

Do whatever it takes not to push however in light of the way that Shark has made it straightforward for you to clean.

You can either use a scissor to trim off hairs or clear the automated brush by unscrew two locking pin on both side.

The gush arrangement helps me to recollect the Hover cord less linex stick vaac, simply this one can be swiveled.

Associations And Ruffle.

It doesn’t go with any associations that will allow it to clean upholstery or furniture so this is totally a story all the more spotless.

Charging Time.

Shark says that this vacuum will charge between 4 to 7 hours.

The nickel-metal hydride battery will accomplish its apex execution to the extent seek after time 4 to 6 complete pursue and run cycles (in perspective of the manual).

Leaving the vacuum on the charger despite when the battery is full won’t hurt or degenerate battery execution, so you can desert it on the charging stand so that it’s reliably scrutinized to clean.

Battery can be supplanted so this is a better than average vacuum to have whole deal, however substitution batteries cost essentially $50.

Channel Clean Up.

There are two channels here – a work channel arranged on the most elevated purpose of the perfect compartment and a shape channel at the base.

Run Time.

In the occasion that used as a piece of uncovered floor setting, it will continue running for around 17 minutes, in cover setting that number will go down to 12 minutes.

A couple of customers have ensured longer run conditions the length of 30 minutes however carry that with a grain of salt.


Shark will give you a one year ensure on both the vacuum however as showed by the assurance conditions it doesn’t cover “non-strong parts”.

Their elucidation is completely dark, the non-strong parts may fuse the battery, motorized brush and channels.

Similarly you’d have to pay $13.95 to deal with the transportation cost when you give back this thing, Amazon may have an other stock trade in any case.

Customer Reviews.

A significant measure of buyers significantly propose this vacuum, they said it was lightweight, adaptability and had awesome suction, particularly with pet hair.

You ought to be watchful about hair getting wrapped up the motorized brush yet the brush roll is definitely not hard to empty so it should not be an issue. One customer said this was attempted to last.

It works magnificent on various surfaces like cover, mats, flooring, hard wood and tiles. It fights however on thick cover.

Feedback on run time was mixed, however the manual says it continues running between 12 to 17 minutes, there are clients that ensured this continued running the length of 40 minutes.

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