Residential Window Tinting It is Common to See Tinted Windows

on large buildings but not at home, and yet they greatly improve the comfort of life. Solutions exist, both for existing glazing and for new windows. With Residential Window Tinting no need to close the shutters or blinds to protect themselves from heat and vis-à-vis, and the brightness remains the same.

in addition to tinted glass, there is an innovative product called opaque or smart glass . It comes in glass or film. The principle is simple: these films composed of liquid crystals can go from totally transparent to opaque on demand. In other words the user decides, using a remote control, how much light enters the room. This is possible thanks to the innovative liquid crystal technology.

Today, there are several options on the glass market: the option of a film that can be put on one’s own or put by a professional and the factory- treated glazing, to filter the sun’s rays or to opacity a window. Window

Its ease of installation, its price and its adaptability to all models of windows or French windows are its main advantages. Its relative fragility and its life, much lower than that of tinted glazing, are its weak points.

Criteria for purchasing tinted windows

We want tinted windows, but not all for the same reasons. There are some key buying criteria that will determine which model you need.

The first purchase criterion is solar protection. The Residential Window Tinting will let the light through, but stop almost 100% UV and prevent dazzling. There is, in addition, a better temperature regulation, since in the presence of a tinted glass, about 80% of the heat of the sun is stopped, against 20% for untreated windows. One can also be tempted by the tinted glazing, for a better protection of one’s private life: the glazing can then be reflective or opaque. It is used, in exterior glazing to protect itself from neighbors a little too curious, or inside, to isolate a room.

A tinted glazed window

. Two main alternatives are available when choosing this type of glass: the installation of a tinted film or the purchase of tinted glazing during its manufacture.

Options for tinted glazing

On one side, we find the film, usually polyester, which is applied to the glazing. This can be fixed on the inner or outer side of it. It can be a window, a port e but also a bay window overlooking the outside. On the other hand, there is the glass that has been previously tinted. The coloring is then an integral part of the glass manufacturing process.

The pacifying window

This type of window has a glazing that can be stained on demand. Specifically, the Residential Window Tinting can darken and light up as needed. This is possible thanks to its liquid crystal film. When a need for intimacy is felt, simply turn off the device..

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