Von Miller Biography, Age, Height, Career & More

Aaron Rodgers.Rodgers is famous for his NFL and multiple award winnings which are uncountable. He is seen cruising in his luxury cars. Whether its a Mercedes or a Ford Truck this players always does things in style. We will not talk about his cars but yes this NFL player has $3 million worth of cars but not just that he has Beach house which is situated in affluent beach community Del Mar, California. He is mostly found to be residing in his Suamico, Wisconsin house which is a northren suburb of Green Bay roughly situated 10 miles away from Lambeau Field.

Affluent Beach community House, Del Mar, California:

Del Mar is a famous for it’s beauty,history,amenities, and attractions. Since the days of Hollywood’s legendary years. The famous american football player lives between the richest neighbourhood. It is a place where many famous movie stars seem roaming on the street or enjoying the tan on the beach. Private beach, allotted for their residency.Del Mar is located between La Jolla and Solana Beach: Von Miller Cars

Wisconsin House:

Even though his house in Del Mar be situated in the most peaceful lovely breeze and slamering waves but this player has a love for living. Aaron Rodgers loves living in Wisconsin and he truly calls Wisconsin ‘Home’ and not California.

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