A Trip to Cleveland, Tourist Tips – What’s Worth and Coolest Things to Do in Cleveland.

1. The best time to travel and Coolest Things to Do in Cleveland is the end of summer and the beginning of autumn. In the spring and autumn in the region there is always a lot of precipitation, and tornadoes and hail often occur.

2. Despite the fact that there is a metro line in the city and a bus service system is developed, active tourists should rent a car. Prior to some interesting areas and attractions by public transport will not work.

3. In the vicinity of Cleveland is the largest international airport in the state, which receives flights from various countries. The train to the city can be reached from Boston, New York, Chicago and Washington.

4. In the city center are the most prestigious and expensive hotels. Economical tourists are best to look for a hotel in more remote areas.

5. The main national language for residents is English, but it differs very much from classical British English. Some words are pronounced differently by local residents, and there are many slang words in the spoken language that foreign tourists may not understand.

6. In the metro and some other public places for security purposes, photo and video shooting is prohibited. Compliance with such rules must be treated carefully and with understanding.

7. The city has a strict ban on smoking in public places. You need to carefully follow the special signs, you can only smoke on specially equipped areas.

8. Young tourists in Cleveland will have a passport with them. In some clubs and bars are allowed only persons who have reached the age of 21.

9. The city is very careful to keep order. It is possible to throw garbage on the street only in special bins, for non-compliance with the rules penalties are provided.

10. In the evening, for security purposes, it is better not to visit remote areas of the city. The safest for evening walks is the central area.

11. In many local restaurants all remnants of food are packed with visitors. Leaving on the table in the restaurant half-eaten meals is not accepted.

12. Coolest Things to Do in Cleveland for Those who plan to use the services of public transport, it is worth considering that giving places to other people is not accepted. These are the features of local etiquette.

13. Men should not pay undue attention to unfamiliar women. Any signs of attention can be regarded extremely negatively.

14. In public places you need to carefully monitor personal belongings. Do not take valuables and large amounts of cash unnecessarily.

15. Those who expect to visit Cleveland for the Christmas holidays should consider that it is always very cold in the city in winter. In winter there is often snowfall.

Where to Go Being in Cleveland – Unique Sights

Cleveland’s real historic landmark is the Western Market, it’s the oldest active market in the city. The opening of the market took place in 1840, the building originally built for it was quite small. Over the years, the population of the city has grown, and therefore the market has expanded several times. The building, which guests of Cleveland can see today, was finally completed in 1912 and remains to this day practically unchanged.

The old market continues to operate even now, the building houses about a hundred kiosks where you can buy popular products, farming delicacies and a host of other national specialties

. The market building is of great architectural value for the city, it has the unique features of the Byzantine style. The building was able to maintain a high clock tower, as well as an unusual vaulted roof. The building is built of brick, so from the inside such a vaulted ceiling looks very impressive.

There are no large chandeliers typical of buildings of such scale in the building, they are replaced by dozens of spotlights distributed over the ceiling surface. The city authorities are not stopping to modernize and improve the historic building, not so long ago new warehouses were built in it, and a new heating system was built.

 In 2004, the first major renovation of the building in many years was completed, and in 2012, the celebration of the anniversary of the historical market took place. The western market is a true living history of Cleveland. Many tents in it have been working for more than a dozen years; they belong to hereditary farmers.

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