agence référencement Or SEO Consultant, For Real SEO Expertise

want to use an SEO agency or an SEO expert but do not know who to call and especially how to evaluate his skills and his seriousness?

The following folder should allow you to see more clearly and so choose between a Freelance SEO expert or an SEO agency adapted to your project and your budget.

Before we begin, let’s define

agence référencement (also called SEO) which refers to all the methods, technical and marketing know-how that allow a web page to be displayed in the first positions in the search engine results pages. on targeted keywords.

The SEO expert can practice his profession as an independent freelancer, work for a global marketing agency or an agency specializing in SEO. her job.

The expert in SEO, whether independent or working in SEO agency can be designated in different ways: SEO Expert, SEO, SEO specialist, SEO Consultant, SEO Consultant … all these denominations refer to the same professional, the same job.

The SEO expert or SEO agency provides agence référencement advice and assists you in optimizing the SEO of your website.

What is the job of an SEO agency or SEO expert?

Whether it is an agency specialized in SEO or a natural referencing consultant, their mission is identical: analyze, review and implement the necessary corrections to optimize and put together a web page as high as possible in the engine search results.

The SEO expert or the agence référencement offers useful services to website owners:

Search for keywords to target,

Checking the structure of the site to facilitate its navigation by visitors and search engines,

Checking the content (quality, originality, writing method, organization, optimization),

Technical tips like hosting, redirects, performances …,

Content development or writing,

Develop the reputation of the site (backlinks),

Training in natural referencing teams,

The agency or the expert in SEO can propose all or part of the missions listed above. It all depends on your needs and your budget.

When to call an SEO expert?

Very often site publishers think of using a referencer when they find that their website is badly referenced or they suffer a penalty.

In reality, if you plan to use a agence référencement or , the sooner the better.

So launching a new site or redesigning an existing site (site migration) is the perfect time to work with an SEO expert.

The design of the site will, from the beginning, be adapted to the expectations of the search engines.

In addition, working on the natural referencing of a site before it goes online saves time since the site will be “perfect” from the first visits of engines for indexing.

However, an existing site can also be effectively optimized, without necessarily going through the recast box.

In addition, you can call on an SEO agency or an SEO expert who will give you an outside look at the optimizations already made.

How to work with the SEO expert?

Before using a natural SEO agency or SEO, it is important to identify your needs and establish a budget.

It is also important to know if you want to:

Entrust all or part of optimizations to the agence seo : this option is suitable if you do not have the time to work SEO.

Keep your hand on your site but be advised by an SEO expert: we recommend this method, provided you can spend time.

We do not become an SEO expert by reading blogs

First and foremost remember that SEO is a real job, so we can not improvise expert.Indeed it requires a lot of intelligence, tests, analysis, knowledge in SEO techniques and especially practice.

The expert or the SEO agency must have its own website or blog which naturally ensures SEO optimizationHow to evaluate the quality of a SEO expert?

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