MYTH THIRD – Social Media Marketing

You need a designer. Finding a good designer is not easy. We have one, but for Facebook posts we hardly use his work. Simple pictures with quotes that for some reason people love and actively interact with them can be done in a few minutes in the free program. I adore her. I rarely do this, but recently I was inspired and made 6 pictures for Pinterest, buy Facebook page likes and Instagram in less than an hour. This program is used by all. Very large pages regularly make pictures for social networks in it. Here, for example, I saw all these templates there. Any of them is done in 10-15 minutes and for free. I’m a useless designer, but in Canvas I can create pictures that attract thousands of people and are actively shared by our subscribers.


We need to buy bots, that would seem that we have a lot of subscribers. We did not buy a single bot to promote the page on Facebook. I really wanted to, it seemed that this would solve all the problems. But no, never buy bots on Facebook. One clever man told me that it completely kills the pages and it is very difficult to restore it.Buy Facebook page likes just stops completely indexing your posts. You can then try to promote them, but if there is no organic involvement at all, it will not index it in the feed of your subscribers. And there is nothing worse than the page, which has several thousand subscribers, and the posts have 1-2 likes. Spend 1-2 dollars to promote several posts instead of buying bots.


Competitors are the main enemies. Not! Competitors are your friends. You are learning from them, you are trying to become useful to them in order to make friends, cooperate and cross-promote each other in the future. Now with the three largest pages we exchange articles regularly, they post at home, and we at home. We hold joint competitions, e-mail bases, and met several times at thematic events, embraced and celebrated together after the events. The more friends you gather in your field, the faster and more successful your business will grow.

And now I will take you step by step on how we raised the page from scratch, how and where I looked for content, and how I, with far from the best English and zero knowledge in the subject of yoga, could grow one of the largest yoga pages on the market US for the year.

I will not tell you how to register pages, step-by-step instructions can be found anywhere.

✔ It is important to fill in the pages completely. Add a main photo and cover, write who you are, add a site, if you have one, and you can start posting and attracting a target audience.

✔ Posts, where to search for content. Our page is completely devoted to yoga. You can find and like it here. Therefore, I began to look for pictures on all social networks about yoga. I found the pages of competitors, the largest and most popular yogis, accounts with quotes about yoga, funny pictures about yoga and blogs, on which a lot of useful educational content.

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