Hair removal: a very feminine obsession. Razor, wax, depilatory cream, permanent hair removal, pulsed light … Discover all the methods and tips to declare war on hair and have your skin soft as silk!



Pain: 3/10 to 8/10 for the most sensitive areas, such as the shirt

Duration of hair removal: 7/10

Formulated with resin and beeswax, Brazilian Wax is an effective method, though a bit painful. It is used hot or cold, with or without strips, depending on the preference. The advantage of this method is the time of regrowth of hair that is quite long (about 3 weeks) because the bulb is removed during hair removal. Pretty easy to handle with the usual, the Brazilian Wax can be bought in supermarkets or we can even make it ourselves with a recipe based on sugar, water and lemon called oriental Brazilian Wax. Regarding prices, count between 3 and 30 euros depending on where you buy it or if you make it into institutes.


Pain: 0/10 (0 = no pain, 10 = significant pain)

Duration of hair removal: 0/10

To use with a little shower gel or shaving cream, it is painless as long as you do not cut yourself with the blade. Note that the most sensitive skin can be irritated with this method. Even if it is very practical, the regrowth of the hair is done quickly since the root of the latter is shaved and not ripped off. Depending on the type of skin, the razor can cause the appearance of ingrown hairs and regrowth of the hair harder and black. Price side, the razor is economical, count a dozen euros.


Pain: 10/10

Duration of hair removal: 10/10

Hair removal method that is growing more and more today, the electric epilator is convenient and quick to use. Brazilian Waxing Near Atlanta GA It ensures a net result and a hair regrowth quite long (3 weeks) of the shaved areas even the most sensitive like the jersey thanks to new accessories. Painful at the beginning of use, the pain diminishes over time. Some brands do not lack innovations to reduce this pain including using cold or electric epilators underwater. Price level, it can go from 40 to 90 euros depending on the brand and type of model you choose. However, the investment is quickly profitable.


Pain: 0/10

Duration of hair removal: 4/10

The depilatory cream is an effective way to wax with a simple and fast use. Apply on the skin the application time indicated on the instructions and then remove with a spatula or a glove, everyone can do it in five minutes! Painless, some people with sensitive skin can still feel some warm-ups if the cream is laid too long. Safe for the skin, it is best to use especially in case of troubleshooting because in the long run, it may irritate the skin. Hair regrowth is fast and may result in harder and darker hairs. Counted between 3 to 15 euros depending on the brands and areas. Also note that a tube ends fairly quickly in genera


Pain: 7/10

Duration of hair removal: 7/10

To use at home as in institute, this method promises a clean skin and for a long time. The pulsed light will indeed heat the hair to destroy it entirely. Hair removal is almost definitive and therefore safe, it is still not recommended to use on pregnant women, children, people with diabetes or with blood disease, people taking photosensitizing drugs and dull or black skin. However this method at a price: count between 60 and 200 euros the session (according to the area to be depilated) knowing that it takes several before obtaining a final result.

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