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With the Loi Hamon, you can now cancel your car insurance without charge. So it may be good to compare offers. Find here our study on the best-selling models in France.

Once past the purchase of your vehicle, maintenance, passages to the fuel pump or technical control are all costs to provide. Auto insurance in Texas is not to be forgotten. The coming into force of the Hamon Act in 2014 facilitated the termination of your auto insurance in Texas policy (see our sheet: Terminating your car insurance: conditions). So it can be good to play the competition to get a better price. Remember that the subscription of a car insurance is mandatory. His absence exposes you to a fine of up to 3750 euros, a suspension or cancellation of the driving license with prohibition to return to the examination for three years, a confiscation of the vehicle or a sentence of community service. Be aware that the breaches for lack of insurance are also up (+ 19% over the year 2014 according to the list of Auto-Plus is more than 100,000 PV prepared).

To lower the cost of his auto insurance in Texas, comparing on the internet can be very informative. We used the website to make all-risk insurance quotes.  However, if you want to do it too, you will have to fill in a lot of information, starting with the ones concerning your driver profile.(number of years as a driver, number of offenses committed, type of vehicle and usual place of parking …). Depending on your vehicle and its specificities (finishes, price but also motorization gasoline or diesel), of your place of residence (average city, in big agglomeration or in the campaign), of the number of kilometers traveled a year or of the type trips (daily to get to work or more spaced …), the offer will be refined. No need to compare with your neighbor or stepmother, you will not get the same proposals.However to get an idea, we performed a simple test via to provide a first estimate. We have chosen to offer you a comparison of the best-selling vehicles in France and the latest market news. You can find the  Renault Twingo , Clio , Mégane or Captur , the Mini, the Toyota Yaris and Aygo, Peugeot 208,  308  or  3008 , the DS4, the C4 Cactus Citroën, Volkswagen Golf or Touran but also the latest arrivals , the Renault Kadjar , Hyundai Tucson , BMW X1 ,Audi A4  or Fiat 500 . Not to mention the low-cost models of Dacia, Sandero , Logan , Lodgy or Duster …

For all these vehicles, we took the same scale: to choose a new model, finish entry, equipped with a gasoline engine and for the same driver profile. He will be a forty-year old executive, using his vehicle every day for private journeys or going to work, holding a driving license for 20 years, without significant accidents or malus, owner of his home, with a garage for to park his vehicle and live in the Bordeaux agglomeration. A typical profile applied to each vehicle and in five categories: city-cars, multipurpose city cars, compact sedans, minivans and SUV-4x4s. For each car, we propose you the best price obtained but especially an average on the proposed offers in order to present a result more smoothed, not taking into account an offer that is too low or too high. It is this result that serves to establish our ranking even if you also indicate the best offer obtained and the selling price in nine of the selected model.

Top by category:

– For city cars (see ranking), it is the Renault Twinge that dominates with an average of 306 Dollars in annual insurance costs, 50 euros more than the new Fiat 500.

-Citations versatile (see the ranking): The Dacia Sander offers the best compromise with an average of 323 euros, or 81 euros less than the Mini.

-Berlins compact (see the ranking): The Dacia Logan, presents the best offer (319 euros), or 234 euros less than the Audi A4.

-Moonscapes (see the rankings): The Dacia Lodgy is in the lead with a very low average at 298 euros, the best of our ranking is 203 euros less than the new Renault Espace.

-4×4 and SUV (see the rankings): The Dacia Duster is also in the lead but tied with the Renault Captur (388 euros).

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