Recipes From The Egg-White Mask1 Teaspoon Of Corn Flour

The first recipe for eradicating pimples is egg white face mask and corn flour. The latter contains starch which has softening and anti fungal properties (which helps to fight against local infections such as acne pimples).

>> 1 egg

>> 1 teaspoon of corn flour

Separate the egg yolk from the white. Beat the snow white. Add the corn flour until you get a smooth paste. Apply on the face and leave for about fifteen minutes. Rinse with warm water.

– The second recipe is simpler:

>> 1 egg

>> Salt

Separate the white from the yolk. egg white face mask beaten with a pinch of salt. Apply to the face, let it dry then rinse with warm water.

The egg white … during one night!

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Egg white can also be used in another way to heal skin prone to acne. Grandmother’s remedy is very simple:

– Clean your skin. Then apply the egg white face mask with a cotton pad. Let stand overnight. The egg white will then act as a natural astringent on oily skin. This will decrease the secretion of sebum by tightening the tissues of the skin. Do not forget to rinse your face the next morning!


Mezena and egg white mask: blackheads and dilated pores

January 28, 2014 at 4:45 pm

The problems of blackheads and dilated pores go together! Although these imperfections are generally not very visible, they are nonetheless unsightly … Fortunately, there are many tips to clear blackheads and tighten the pores dilated. The homemade mask made from egg and maï zena, you know? Homemade mask recipe to tighten pores

1 egg white

or 2 tablespoons of cornstarch (depending on the amount of egg white face mask)Separate the white from the yellow. Collect the egg white to which you will add one or two spoons of cornstarch. Once the dough is smooth, apply it to the face, emphasizing areas where the pores are dilated and clogged. Let the mixture rest for about 20 minutes: once the mask is dry, it is quite difficult to move the lips. So, rinse the face with rose water, taking care to gently emphasize the blackheads.

The power of the astringent mask!

This old grandmother recipe is a very effective astringent mask! An astringent mask … what is it? This is a mask that tightens the enlarged pores of the face as well as the blood vessels. It therefore stimulates blood circulation to give radiance to the skin. The astringent mask is the ideal solution for oily skin with blackheads.

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This homemade mask is a natural recipe for toning the skin, tightening dilated pores, eliminating blackheads and regulating excess sebum. The egg white face mask literally absorbs excess sebum and thus unclogs engorged pores. It attacks the bacteria responsible for skin problems to destroy them radically. Maizena has softening and anti  fungal properties. Result: Your skin is visibly clearer, it does not shine anymore. The complexion is standardized and more radiant. The skin texture is visibly refined, the black spots are much less visible and the enlarged pores are narrowed. egg white face mask

This homemade mask is also ideal for limiting the appearance of possible acne pimples. Be careful, like all masks, do not abuse: 1 or 2 times a week, no more!

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