This Is A Recipe That I Wanted To Test For A Long Time.Egg White Face Mask

Having already read several opinions on this subject and having already seen a video, I started when my man and I decided to make apple slippers. You will tell me, but why?

Well simply because for this recipe, it only takes egg yolk to brown the slippers.

And I confess that I was too sick to throw the blank …

  • Mask of egg – flour: Info or intox?
    • One egg white
    • Two spoons of flour

It’s very simple, just beat an egg white face mask and incorporate the flour. Once the mixture is fairly homogeneous, apply it to your black-dot areas (nose, nose, chin, etc.).

Leave for about 20 minutes then rinse off.

This egg white and flour mask is supposed to gently remove your blackheads as well as tighten your pores while absorbing your excess sebum. In this case, the flour is a binder, so that the dough has more consistency, but is also more absorbent.

First of all, do not be disgusted by the egg white face mask. And I confess that at first it was a bit difficult … But mixed with flour, the appearance is slightly less disturbing.

I applied it with my finger on the wings of my nose as well as on my chin. I also a little overflowed on the cheekbones .

The mask gradually began to harden, like a normal peel-off. And when I could not move my nose, I tried to start removing it. And that’s where the story goes!

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No way to remove it as a normal mask, it crumbled and was really great to my skin! So I moistened a handkerchief and rubbed it off and rinsed my face with a tonic.

I noticed that my skin was really softened! A real happiness …

The excess of sebum had also been absorbed and the pores on my cheekbones were really tightened.

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However, I did not notice any change in my black spots. They were still in place !! They seem to be resistant to little bastards …

So I do not know if at the time I had not put enough flour or if I missed something during the recipe but they had not moved places …

In conclusion, I think this mask can be useful if you do before a steam bath to really open the pores (which I did not do) because it still managed to tighten the pores of my cheekbones!

And if you want to have soft skin in a natural way, nothing better than egg white face mask, it is even better than clay!

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egg white face mask, a powerful anti-acne? Who would have thought that used as a mask, it is extremely effective to clean the face thoroughly and prevent the appearance of undesirable pimples? The egg-white mask is a totally natural tip for treating skin problems. Zoom on this amazing and amazing remedy!

The protein-rich egg white contains an enzyme called lysozyme. The latter acts as a kind of natural antibiotic by attacking bacteria to destroy them literally.

When used as a mask, egg white face mask acts in the same way with acne pimples. Simple, natural and ultra-efficient, the egg white mask heals acne-prone skin and also absorbs excess sebum, which can be the main cause of acne problems. Egg white is the protein called albumin. It is she who will allow to obtain a real effect mask drying, very nice indeed effect!

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