Every Woman Who Loves Herself Wants To Be attractive.

For this, she tries to meet the standards of beauty. They include: slim figure, lush hair, well-groomed hands, nails and, of course,smooth skin. Here are just the wrinkles that appear with age, make many women nervous, because they remind of wilting.

It happens, men add fuel to the fire with sarcasm: “It’s not scary to become a grandfather, but it’s scary to sleep with your grandmother.” Yes, whatever you say, they like young beauties. Therefore, I want to representatives of the fair sex as long as possible to hide their

The modern world, this can be done with the help of salon procedures, such as peeling, subcutaneous injections, laser abrasion and, in extreme cases, plastic surgery. But for many women, these methods are not available for financial (or other) reasons. It remains to decide how to get rid of wrinkles at home, with minimal effort and cost.

Is it possible?

There are two news: good and … bad. Wrinkles appear from many factors, but they can be divided into 2 categories: those that are for med due to unfavorable environmental conditions and poor lifestyle, and folds resulting from genetic predisposition.

So, the wrinkles included in category 1 can be prevented and even reduced (if they have already formed) by proper care. But with the second will have to accept. Although slowing their appearance is still possible. The most difficult to get rid of wrinkles around the eyes, in other parts of the face is easier to do. Available methods are listed below.

Adverse Factors

Surely you have noticed that the skin of the body,constantly under clothing, looks much better than the skin of the face, neck and hands. Even the heels are less rude for those who constantly wear socks.Indeed, without protection, exposed skin areas under the influence of sunlight,wind, dust, rain, snow lose moisture faster and, as a result, become thinner or compacted and crack.

Another unfavorable factor is inattention to their health -stress, overload, lack of sleep, smoking, alcohol, weight fluctuations, and illness. They deplete the internal reserves of the body, and it does not have the ability to give the skin the necessary nutrients, vitamins, oxygen insufficient quantities and vitamin c face serum is the best way to fulfill all needs.

Methods of struggle

To reduce or prevent the appearance of wrinkles, you must first eliminate the adverse factors. If necessary, undergo a complete examination and eliminate chronic diseases. It is especially important to establish the work of the liver, kidneys, gastrointestinal tract and cure teeth. Already from this you will look younger by 10 years.

Next, you need to engage in prevention in order to maintain health – take vitamins, do exercises, drink clean water, avoid stress, get enough sleep, find ways to experience positive emotions more often.

Only after these measures can and should, finally, deal with the removal of wrinkles. Otherwise, any attempts will be left without a result (or it will be short-lived), even if someone from her friends advises to buy from the last money a “magic complex” against wink

There are many recipes to help restore the skin. Basically,wrinkle masks are made on the basis of oils, plants and berries that have soothing, toning properties, as well as egg yolk, sometimes citrus (if there is no allergy). But these methods have a common drawback – they do not give instant results.

We’ll have to show patience – changes can only be seen after 30-45 days, during which time the skin is renewed in adulthood. In addition,folk remedies more warn the appearance of folds or make them less deep than eliminate them.

Helps to prevent wrinkles around the eyes of a compress from ground flax seed. It slightly brightens, smoothest and soothes the skin. To do this, you need to steam the seeds in hot water, let them cool down a little.Wrap the resulting mass with gauze and put on eyes. When it is completely cool,you need to remove it and wash first with warm water, then cold.

When choosing masks for a tender area, keep in mind that they can get into your eyes, so the ingredients should not burn, because discomfort or glue the eyelashes. For this reason, we do not recommend oil and fat cream recipes. Better use decoctions of herbs. You can attach tea bags to your eyes. No wonder many recommend simple cucumbers – they are hypoallergenic and well refreshed. Of course, it will not be possible to get rid of wrinkles under the eyes, but then the swelling of the eyelids will decrease, and the look will become clear, as if young. Which is not bad.

Good face mask of oatmeal. It almost immediately whitens the face and nourishes the skin. It becomes tender and very pleasant to the touch.For the mask, you need to steam the flakes in hot milk, and then apply the pulp on the skin. After 10 minutes, rinse with cool water.

Natural oils – olive, linseed, sunflower oil – help nasolabial wrinkles.

What can cosmetics?

Do not neglect cosmetic products, especially if you are not prone to allergic reactions. After all, they are specially designed for skincare. In addition, they, in contrast to folk remedies, they save time. They do not need to cook. And you can pick them up under any wallet. After all, in secret, it is not so important how expensive the cream is. It is important to follow certain rules for the selection of white cosmetics and try to apply it strictly in accordance with the instructions.

Cosmetics should not contain alcohol.

It is good if they contain extracts of scarlet, toffee, ginseng, and sunflower.

Natural preservatives are welcome: honey, extracts from leaves, grape seeds, cranberries and other plants containing tannins.

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