Features Of Enterprise Valuation

  • Preparing for the sale, including auctions and tenders
  • Mandatory assessment in the sale of property by state and municipal organizations
  • Revaluation for tax optimization
  • Asset valuation for insurance
  • Contribution to the authorized capital of the enterprise
  • Protection of their interests in property disputes
  • Reorganization or liquidation of an enterprise
  • Valuation of the business of the existing enterprise

Modern business can be regarded as a product that is bought, sold, mortgaged, etc., and, like any product, a business should have its real price, focusing on which, it will be possible to carry out certain market transactions with it. To determine this indicator requires an independent assessment of the value of the business. It cannot be dispensed with during the reorganization and development of the enterprise, the privatization and mortgage lending, participation in the functioning of the stock market, etc. Independent business valuation helps to determine in monetary terms the value of the enterprise, taking into account its utility and costs associated with the achievement of this utility. The object of evaluation can be any property of the enterprise, i.e. any property objects and rights to them. In this way,

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Of particular importance is the assessment of the market value of the enterprise in an unstable Russian economy, which directly affects the position of domestic companies in the domestic and foreign markets. It is advisable to apply this procedure already at the stage of the establishment of the enterprise, when it comes to talking about contributions to its share capital. In addition, it is impossible to do without evaluating the business plan in the development of investment projects involving large investments with various risks.

Business is a special kind of goods, so the principles, approaches, models and methods for estimating the value of an enterprise also require special ones. Any enterprise is a complex system with its own unique properties. Firstly, it is an investment product, investments in which imply a return in the future. Secondly, the demand for this product depends not only on external factors, but also on the processes occurring within the product itself. Thirdly, an enterprise is a property complex that includes all types of property: land, buildings and structures, equipment and machinery, products and raw materials, intangible assets, intellectual property.

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