Assumptions By his Teasers, Scott Confused us:

who did bite “87”. In the game it turns out that Fredber did it.

There was an assumption that on the teaser with Gray Animatronic – Violet Freddie, but this was refuted by the fact that the animatronic has a completely different form of the lower jaw and a different body color. Moreover, it has long been known that this is Friedberg.

On the site Indie DB on the page Five Nights at Freddy’s 4 was posted a teaser with Gray animatronics, the image called “NFB” stands for: “Nightmare Fredbear “.

Perhaps we are playing in the dream of the main character. This is evidenced by the word Nightmare in the name of most animatronics.

There is a theory that the main character is in a coma. This is confirmed by the fact that sometimes pills, flowers and a dropper can appear and disappear near the bed, as well as the fact that in the mini-game after the sixth night at the end there will be a long squeak of the cardiogram, which means stopping the heart. Check At: fnaf world download

If you look closely, you can see that the shadows of the Horrible Bonnie and the Nightmare Chiki do not move.

There is an assumption that Nightmare Freddie, Bonnie, Chick and Foxx are the same animatronics from Five Nights at Freddy’s 2. This can be seen from very simple things:

The form of the head of the Nightmare Freddie is very similar to the shape of the head of the old Freddie from the second part of the game.

The nightmarish Chiki has a very large mouth, the same as the old Chiki from the second game, but it differs in that the nightmarish Chiki teeth have three rows, and they are far less stupid than the teeth of the original Chika.

The nightmarish Bonnie looks like himself in the second part of the game, with the exception of a person who is simply absent from Five Nights at Freddy’s 2.

It can be assumed that all the Nightmare animatronics, with the exception of Fredber , Nightmare and Plushtrap (although the latter is not at all nightmarish) is the personification of the elder brother, the protagonist and his three friends who want to torture him. This is understandable, because in the final mini-game, where four teenagers were depicted (one of them is the same brother of the protagonist) who mocked the boy, they walk in the masks of four animatronics.

Most likely, these same teenagers are victims of the incident with the disappeared children.

There is a theory that in the whole history of FNAF WORLD only mini-games from the fourth part are real. This, again, is debatable.

In the fourth part there is a kitchen. However, the players do not see it, since the main character does not have access to it. Most likely, this is a reference to the kitchen from the first part, because the players also could not see it and heard only sounds from there.

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