Do you want some privacy at home? You want to see outside but not to be seen? Think of the tinted windows that are perfect for that!

Beyond its primary purpose that can be aesthetic or practical, know that the window tinting Spring TX has other advantages for your home and especially for the protection of it:

  • The tinted glass improves thermal insulation In summer it decreases the heat and in winter it avoids the loss of heat.
  • Not letting you see what’s inside, it can deter burglars from coming to your house!
  • It allows you to reduce the brightness (and glare situations) in your home and your direct exposure to the sun.
  • It reduces fading of your furniture that can occur with direct sunlight.

Know that apart from installing a tinted window, you can simply put a tinted film and enjoy the same benefits by adding the fact that it is easy and quick installation.

If you would like more information about sun protection in general,


Most of the time, changing your windows as part of a renovation does not require any particular administrative procedure, provided you follow a few rules!

Cases not requiring a declaration

If your new windows are identical to the old ones in appearance, you do not need to go through the declaration box:

  • Same color
  • Same type of opening
  • Same number of leaves
  • Same glazing

If the change is for a replacement to the same to move from single to double or triple-glazed, again you will not have a statement to make!

Window replacement cases requiring a declaration

You will have to make a declaration in town hall in the following cases:

  • Material change: replacing wooden windows with PVC for example
  • Enlargement of the frame or the number of openings
  • Color change or removal of braces (also called “small wood”)

If your home is located near a monument or classified site, inquire in town hall about the constraints and the specific steps to accomplish.


Spring is the perfect time to maintain your joinery, but do you know how to clean your aluminum windows?

To avoid deterioration, discoloration or cracking of aluminum surfaces, avoid the use of corrosive, abrasive or oil / grease – containing products.

To maintain the decorative appearance of your aluminum windows for several decades, we recommend cleaning twice a year when the surface is not exposed to the sun and the outside temperature does not exceed 25 ° C.

The cleaning of your aluminum windows can be carried out simply with clean water, possibly with some dishwashing liquid at neutral pH (between 5 and 8).

From time to time, and in case of heavy soiling, use a special aluminum cleaner-protector that will have a long-lasting anti-soiling and water-repellent effect to ensure the longevity and brightness of the coating of your woodwork.

A question? Do not hesitate to seek advice from your Internorm distributor who will be able to advise you on suitable products for the maintenance of your aluminum joinery!

In any case, do not hesitate to ask your distributor for advice!

window tinting Spring TX building films: high technology for your windows and other surfaces

Glass tint has referenced more than a thousand glazing films, for furniture, walls, etc., thus constituting a unique offer on the market. As the 1st national network specializing in film installation, Glass tint has also been able to work with these manufacturers to design “made-to-measure” films, of course reserved for the Glass tint network.

How it works?

A glazing film consists of vacuum-assembled multilayer filters containing micro or Nano particles injected by ionization or from nanotechnologies.

It is directly applied to existing glazing on the inside or outside.

The installation of the film does not require the stop of the activity in the building.

Several TLVs (Visible Light Transmission, ie the hue level) are available.

Films from NASA research

NASA, during its first flights into orbit, realized that it was necessary to reconstruct for human beings the natural filters of different layers of the atmosphere in order to protect the skin and the eyes from the harmful rays of the sun, IR (infrared) and UV (ultraviolet). The film has emerged as the best solution to achieve these ends. Today, Glass tint films bring to your everyday life a high-performance protection, reserved initially for the conquest of space.

Entrusting the installation of films Building in window tinting Spring TX, it is to benefit from many advantages and services:

  • High-tech products and exclusives
  • A guarantee of up to 15 years
  • A pose on multiple surfaces (windows, furniture …)
  • Easy tips for a film maintenance

* Recommended public rates in force from 01/03/2018 (20% VAT), based on a building site of a surface to be equipped with a minimum of 20 m 2, with an interior installation at height of man, accessible and unobstructed. Franchisees of the Glass tint network are independent franchisees, these rates are subject to change without notice. See pricing conditions in store.

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