he site bonjourtoile.fr offered me to test its services … and to offer an impression to one of you! ?Here is my feedback and my opinion on the final result.

Important clarification: I remind the grumblers that I take care of this free blogon my free time, and that I do not have a team of testers at my service. I therefore confirm that no, this experience feedback has not received the label “scientifically tested in the laboratory” with comparative competition, color chart, scanning electron microscope and analysis of the balance sheet accounts of the company tested. …

Please note that I have no accountability to the company that offered me this essay, that I am totally free to express a positive or negative opinion on its services, and that I have not touched money to do it. I try to be as objective as possible in the articles I write on this blog. Nevertheless, my opinion is necessarily tinged with subjectivity, I’m not a machine …

I write these tests the way I like to read them on the Internet: that is to say, simply a reflection of the lived experience by a person whose tastes and opinions I think I share.

That’s saying, now we can start calmly?

Attention: read the comments well because, unlike my experience, several readers have had disappointments with this company and its customer service …


Print on canvas is a nice way to add a touch of home decor, from his own photos. This support has a very different rendering of a print on photo paper, on alu-Dibond, PVC, glass, etc. The canvas has a more “deco” than “photo expo”, and everyone does not like this result, it’s a matter of taste.

If you do not really see what the characteristic grain of a picture on canvas is, here is a close-up (click to enlarge) : For this test, I chose to print a photo of Geisha taken during my trip to Japan with readers for 2 reasons: 1 / I like it

Close-up of the characteristic grain of the paintings on which the photos are printed © Tonton Phot

2 / The colors are very bright, so it’s a good opportunity to test the color rendering when printing on the canvas.


The company offers 15 different print formats, ranging from 20x20cm to 90x120cm.

Prices start at € 9 for a 20x20cm canvas, excluding transport costs of course (the company claims to offer the cheapest prices in France, which I have not checked) , and go up to € 90.

It is also possible to order a custom-made format, that is to say to the dimensions of your choice.

The dimensions of the photo canvas I tested are 40x60cm, for a cost of 36 €.

For my part the transport costs in metropolitan France cost € 6.95 for a delivery package, or € 8.95 for home delivery.


I found that the site was very simple to use. There are not 10,000 options to choose from, we will get right to the point.

Side help, there is an explanation tab , which answers many of the questions that you could ask you on the pictures. As you can see on the screenshot above, just upload your photo, and choose the different options: > color / sepia / black and white, > different visual effects (usually I’m not a fan of such things, so I chose no effect) , > whether or not we wish to frame this canvas (in a bare wooden frame or painted wood) , > etc.

I tested for you the photo printing on canvas, on the site hello.com © Tonton Phot

It is also possible to request free alterations. In my case I did not select this option because, as you know, I edit myself my photos under Lightroom .


Then comes the moment when it is necessary to determine how to frame your photo in the required dimensions (here 60cm wide x 40cm high).

This phase is important because, if the dimensions of your photo are too small compared to the requested size, your image can not be printed on the sides of the canvas. Having already made this choice in the past, I do not recommend it. The visual effect is much more striking when the photo is printed on the edges of the canvas.

In this snapshot, you can see that I first chose the “printed edges” option , but the top of the geisha’s head was thus cut off, and relegated to the edges of the canvas. : So I tried the second option,

I tested for you the impression of photo on canvas, on the site helloyour.fr: option of framing “printed edges” © Tonton Photo

“Stretched edges” : The head is still cut, so I selected the third option “mirror edges” : Sincerely, I hesitated to choose this option, because I was afraid that the result is kitsch. But I finally took the risk because it was the only way to have a whole geisha

I tested for you the impression of photo on canvas, on the site hello.fr: option of framing “edges stretched” © Tonton Photo



I tested for you the printing of photo on canvas, on the site bonjourtoile.fr: option of framing “edges miroirs” © Tonton Phot


The final photo canvas, received for the test at bonjourtoile.fr – Front view © Tonton Photo

I received my canvas very quickly, less than 3 days after the order. It must be acknowledged that it is appreciable.

The canvas was well protected in a stiff cardboard and bubble wrap, and supplied with a small wall mounting kit.

The final photo canvas, received for the test at bonjourtoile.fr: close-up, with the slice © Tonton Photo


From the opening of the package, the colors explode, the rendering is faithful to the photo I had provided to the printer.

The reds could have been problematic, but their rendering is lively, rich, without being over-saturated and therefore fluo (on this subject do not trust the pictures that I present to you, compression JPG-for-the-web and rendering your screen may change the colors and make the red too saturated) .

The colors are well balanced and rich, I am satisfied.


I’m not sure it shows in the pictures that I present, but the sharpness of the impression is good. The details and colors are not flattened, the picture is clear and has relief.

On this subject the hair of the geisha was a good test. When looking at the canvas, you can visually feel the texture of the hair


… and the risk was good to take! People who are not aware of this cropping trick do not realize that the photo leaves mirror effect on the sides. The visual effect is quite natural (at least for this image … I guess it depends on the photos) :

The final photo canvas, received for the test at bonjourtoile.fr: view of the edge and the effect “mirror edges” © Tonton Phot


I am satisfied with this service. The site is easy to use, the layout options are not in the thousands, and so much the better for most people who will not be lost.

The print qality is good and the end result is in line with my expectations.

If you want to inquire about this photo printing service on canvas, it’s here: www.bonjourtoile.fr .


To thank you for your loyalty, BonjourToile.fr has accepted to offer the impression of a canvas of 40x60cm to one of the readers of this blog : click here

How to win?

Just leave a comment at the bottom of this article, or on social networks ( Twitter , Facebook , Instagram ) . Tell me a little about what picture you would like to print on a canvas ?

I will draw a winner from these comments at the end of April!

Attention, this gift is reserved for subscribers of the blog (registered via the newsletter) . And yes, it seems to me more than fair to thank the loyalty of my readers?

Effect supplements and wooden frames are not included.

Shipping costs for Metropolitan France, Corsica, Monaco and Belgium are offered by the company (excluding DOM-TOM, sorry for our friends in these territories!) .

For Luxembourg and Switzerland, transport is not included, except if possible delivery in a Kiala relay close to the border.

Here, I hope that this test will be useful, if you have questions or feedback, do not hesitate to post them in the comments!

Attention: read the comments well because, unlike my experience, several readers have had disappointments with this company and its customer service

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