Independent Appraisal Of Real Estate

According to paragraph 1 of Art. 130 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation to real estate include land, everything that is firmly connected with the land, that is, objects whose movement without causing disproportionate damage is impossible, including buildings, structures, and objects of unfinished construction. ”

Marine, inland navigation vessels, spacecraft, which are subject to state. The legislator also regards the registration as immovable property of the court; however, methods for the assessment of equipment and transport (movable property) are used for these objects.

In modern appraisal practice, an independent appraisal of real estate in Yaroslavl implies the provision of the following services to determine a market or other value:

Assessment of land plots (valuation of land, land lease rights, including agricultural use);

  • Evaluation of the premises, buildings, structures and facilities (including the assessment of cottages, summer cottages, garden houses, garages, transmission devices);
  • Evaluation of residential properties (apartments, individual houses, townhouses, etc.);
  • Assessment of construction in progress (objects located at different stages of construction and not commissioned).

Real estate appraisal is currently the most common type of activity of an appraisal company, which refers to the definition of a market or other value of rights to an immovable property, such as the right of disposal, the right to use, the right to own its property for the owner, or the right of ownership and use for the tenant lease rights).

The real estate market of Yaroslavl and the Yaroslavl region is sufficiently developed, so the assessment of real estate in Yaroslavl can be carried out quite accurately.

Real estate appraisal services are offered for objects of all types of objects, whether they are separate buildings or built-in attached premises, residential buildings or production and warehouse complexes, industrial buildings and facilities, or social and cultural facilities, office and retail space; land plots for individual housing construction or land plots for DNP from agricultural land; structures and transfer devices – overpasses, bridges, enclosing elements, roads, storage tanks for petroleum products; unfinished construction projects at various stages of construction.

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Depending on the purpose of the appraisal and the intended use of the report of an independent appraiser of real estate, one or another type of value may be determined. The market value of the object, liquidation value, investment value, cadastral value.

When calculating the value of the property, the appraiser will take into account all the factors whose impact on the value of the object is of paramount importance: firstly, it’s the location (distance from the center, location in a particular micro district, location on the first line of construction, dimness of the place), secondly, physical characteristics compliance with the modern requirements of the layout, deterioration of the object’s structures, the state of the structural elements, the presence of a separate entrance, gates, racks, etc.), thirdly, the factors of the immediate environment (infrastructure, trans tailor accessibility, access roads, environmental conditions), The final conclusion on the cost of the assessment of the building, premises or property complex will be made taking into account the cost analysis of the construction of a new facility of similar utility,

The appraisal firm Kindler carries out the determination of the market value of real estate objects for obtaining a bank loan against the pledge of objects (mortgage), division of property (for the court and filing a claim), entering into insurance contracts, inheritance (for a notary), making management decisions, registration of the contribution to the authorized capital of the organization, as well as for any other purposes arising in the daily life of citizens and the economic activities of enterprises.

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