What Tips to Find a Job? When You Submit a Resume

– invent two or three boxes related to the trade

– You invent two years of experience –

Remove your diplomas otherwise the interview will only run around, you will have to have then eliminate. You have the BAC, a little training nothing more-

You speak English, Spanish, German not, Chinese, Japanese, do not attract jealousy


Ask and give your resumes only to managers

-Drop on average 8 CV per day –

Leave Monday to Thursday, officials take their rtt on Friday –

Submit your resume between 8am and 11:30 am and 13h and 15h, not at night (the manager is not there) or during the ruch du midi for catering –

Relax by phone

-If you do not want to go door-to-door, call in the morning and ask if the company is hiring or missing someone on the team, and

what time is the manager working?

It will be frowned upon 1 time out of 4, but it can

Get A jobs alert

Pay off – disable your Facebook if you’re a bit shady, employers look –

Ask for a CDI rather than a CDD that costs much more to the employer – look

On Lebo coin, but be careful, on this site many dishonest people are only looking for you to collect personal information –

Sign up in temp agency, going directly to the address, not on the Internet –

Visit the shopping centers, Paris and the cities.

Said that you live between 15 min and 1:15 no more, otherwise they will eliminate you or change your address

During an interview: –

Put lipstick and a skirt if it’s a man, be sober if it is a woman

– Go for a personality test –

Go all the time, you must feel the enthusiasm in your approach. You have to get a feeling, do not stop smiling

– feel involved with the slogan and the spirit of the company

– never say that you intend to leave in two months or that from 1 to 15 you must go to St Bart . THIS WILL BE ELIMNATORY, prefer to plant the employer, each his apple.

– Always have your CNI, vital card, RIB and transport subscription justification

-You have the license, yes you are conveyed (even if it is false)

-that you live between 15 min and 1:15 no more, they will eliminate you or change your address

-tap the amitier slightly with the person

In charge – in group interview, stand out, ask questions otherwise we will not remember you

-yes yes to everything


-if you have worked more than two years deposit your ASSEDIC, your employer has the obligation to keep them 3 years minimum

Remember to go on good terms with your employer will be beneficial for you next year or your brothers and sisters

If you are not boosted it will not fall in your arms.

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