Male bouquet: what flowers are preferable for men?

A bouquet of flowers is a universal gift that will help you to express reverent, romantic or just respectful feelings in the most beautiful way. Now compositions from beautiful morrison’s flowers can be presented not only to women, but also to men. How to do it right?


During the selection of bouquets for men should be based on some principles, so that the presented gift truly pleases its owner, without causing him a sense of awkwardness. In addition, you should always take into account the age of the person to whom the selected composition will be given. Classic etiquette suggests that a woman has the right to give flowers only to a man who is older than her, and also if there is a specific reason for such an offering. Then the gift will really be appropriate. Order flowers in Kiev cheaply do all the work for you – trust the professionals!
But etiquette in the modern world does not recognize such severe restrictions – because women are now allowed to give flowers to any man, as long as he likes it. At the same time, there is an unspoken rule: it is the left hand that should give the composition, so that the lady’s right hand remains free for a grateful kiss or a handshake from the hero of the occasion.
A woman should also take into account that if she selects a bouquet for a married man, then she needs to buy a composition for his spouse. Inexpensive flower delivery in Kiev will help you arrange this easily around the clock – your chosen compositions will be delivered in the freshest form to the right place of time.


When thinking about the choice of specific colors for men, you need to remember that bouquets for young, mature and elderly men also differ significantly among themselves. Classic options made of roses or carnations, lush dahlias or high gladioli, asters or chrysanthemums are ideal for older men. In this case, one should always consider the status of the hero of the occasion
For the authorities or representative of your leadership, you can present more original, slightly exotic plants: callas or orchids. For a young man who is just starting his creative or professional way, we can recommend the following color options:
Tulips. These flowers are rather tender and fragile, but at the same time, concise, elegant and restrained. That is why they are well suited for a young man.
Irises. The saturation of these colors clearly echoes the bright male character traits.
Gerberas The spectacular shape of these flowers and their bright color made them the main components of bouquets for men. Kiev will give you a huge number of options for decent and courageous compositions.
Choosing a suitable flower gift for a man, you should learn a little about the symbolism of flowers. Such knowledge will help to better navigate a wide range of modern flower market, as well as more successfully select the composition for a specific event.
White flowers (especially chrysanthemums or asters) – the pursuit of justice and truth.
Callas – harmony with others and themselves.
Gladiolus – straight, sincere and consistent flowers.
The combination of white and red roses expresses the willpower and beauty of a person’s character.
Yellow flowers (especially roses) – the symbolic meaning of wealth and wealth in everything.
Orchids will tell about the refined inner world of man.
Dahlias emphasize the activity and assertiveness of men.
Anthuriums – a symbol of real courage.
No less attention should be paid to the shade of the composition. A male bouquet should ideally be bright and saturated – be conspicuous. Pastel and delicate shades in this case are unacceptable and inappropriate. The composition is intended to emphasize the brutality and strength of character of its owner. Therefore, the following shades and their combinations are suitable for representatives of the stronger sex:
Red, maroon or crimson tones emphasize the activity and independence of men.
Yellow flowers will tell about the cheerfulness of nature.
Purple will become the symbolism of the temper nature and tranquility.
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