Play One Of The Best Shooting Game Prey 2018 PC Game Download Free

Description: are you showing an interest in playing one of the best actions shooting game called Prey? This post will help you find all the relevant information and answers to your doubts.

Prey PC Game 2018 review:

How much you are fan of a first person shooting? We all know that there are many games that come to mind about this genre but they all offers same amount of experience but no in this game. Prey is set in 2032 where you control a player named Talos and your are in this giant super moon station alone and you are subject of what is going on to human species. Following the events the space station is attacked by space aliens and other monsters.

You are being hunted in the game and main purpose is to survive from those deadly aliens throughout. The game has been released for 4th generation of gamers and you might be able to expect some great things from it. You need to use any tool weapons and other space gadgets to defeat black shady aliens in their prime.

The game is super fun and amazing when it come to action packed shooting but lacks to grab the major audience at its side. There is one thing that makes it more easy to play is that each time you kill a boss alien you will gain super human abilities and also craft new weapons and ammunitions as well.

Prey game play style:

Game play mechanics in this one are quite easy to learn, as it is a traditional FPS and from that you can also get a lot of new things at your disposal with great gadgets and upgradable suits and different items to grab along with your journey.

Does Prey Pc game bring any special additions?

From the very start the game was console release and since then it hasn’t got much attention. But after launching to ‘’ocean games pc version’’ it certainly brings all the latest updates with it along with additional bonuses and many more. Players who are mature to play this game otherwise this game is not kids to try by any means.

Prey Pc game features:

There are many incredible features you will get to see in the game, that will help you understand the game better if you pay attention to them from beginning such as,

1) Superb story

2) Excellent action adventure

3) Space station filled with alien monsters

4) Craft new items and gadget to fight with aliens

5) Tons of new costumes to unlock

Prey game system requirements for PC:

Here are best system requirements you might find helpful using ‘’ocean of games free download’’ to play on PC including,

  • Works with windows 7,8,8.1,10 (64 Bit)
  • Hard disk: 21 GB
  • File size: 19.5 GB
  • CPU: Intel Core i5 or better with AMD processor
  • RAM: 8 GB

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