Product Packaging: How to Provide a Satisfactory Professional Unboxing Experience?

Unboxing products is something every one of us involves in regularly in our daily lives. Whether it is a technology product including a new smartphone or general retail products from fashion clothing, electronics or gift items, unboxing them with the aim to use the products happens pretty often for any regular person. What factors can make customers appreciate packaging quality and attention to detail with every aspect of the product cycle? The way your packaging look and feels and keeps packaged products safe at the same time are some of the most significant factors.

The characteristics to keep in mind when designing Custom Boxes for any kinds of products are their exact dimensions, fragility levels or visual appeal requirements also where and how they will be sold. If your products are from high competition industries like any of the FMCG and retail products, you packaging will need to look beautiful and attractive while keeping packaged products secure at the same time. For some specific type of shipping products, visual appeal might not be that much of a requirement but safety will always be the main preference under all kinds of handling. Here are a few factors that can help you provide a satisfactory unboxing experience for your products with Custom Packaging boxes.

Use Top Quality Materials

Regardless of what product industries your products are from and how fragile they actually are, quality of materials you use in your packaging will always be one of the most significant distinguishing factors. For products that are more fragile than others and are maybe made from easily breakable materials like glass, corrugated cardboard is a much suitable material or you can always go with soft plastic packaging.

Corrugated stocks offer not only better protection with their air cushion technology between various layers of stocks and their patterned arrangement but are also more environmentally friendly as well than plastics. You can also go with regular single layer cardboard materials that are much more printing and designing friendly. However, whichever style Custom Printed Boxes you choose for your products, their surface look and feel can make them look suitable for any kinds of products. Add a high gloss of lamination layer to make a bold statement or go with muted yet elegant matte for your single or dual tone boxes.

Make a Lasting Impression with Prints

Printed designs, logos, names and product information are some of the required essentials for any Custom Printed Boxes no matter what product industry they are for. When you need accurate colors and unique printing finish options, Offset printing is one of the most reliable modern techniques. This technique moves your prints and inks over to a different surface and then imprints them on the required materials delivering smooth and flawless prints with accurate colors. Learn more about Offset printing in this video.

Additionally, the CMYK color model is much more evolved than the traditional RGB one. It has the ability to deliver naturally bright colors and just the correct representation of a much larger gamut of colors. When you get the correct printing finishes including foil stamping or embossing and debossing options and mix in raised ink printing where required, your Custom Printed Boxes can make a lasting impression on your customers with its beautiful visual appeal and exclusive feel of touch.

Modern Material Designing

Actual box designs with die cut customization options serve as one of the biggest differentiators between high quality packaging providers and average ones. When you need to provide your customers with the ultimate unboxing experience, how precise and tidy your die cut designs look, can make the big difference that you are looking for. Whether you need die cut windows, precise shapes, sizes, inner tray inserts or die cut gable handles for your boxes, modern material designing can provide you everything.

Top side perforated designs for text, logos or even images also work great as well. All this design customization is always well appreciated by customers when they eventually unbox their products from the Custom Packaging that they are enclosed in. An additional benefit of having high quality die cut Custom Boxes is that, you products can have permanent places to stay in without moving about a lot when packaged adding the product safety efficiently as well.

Using the Effect of Colors

Colors are great for Custom Packaging when you are looking for that catchy appeal. Right color selection and combination across different layers and sides of packaging can also bring that supreme unboxing experience making everything look elegant and unique. Most of us remember that elegant white custom packaging Apple Inc. used for their iPhones and are still using similar modified models to this day.

Following the same example, for many other products, similar minimalistic color selection can be a great packaging idea. However, there is no limitation in these fancy color choices. You can also go for something truly unique and attractive as well in a large variety of other colors.

Making It Professionally Elegant

Professionally elegant packaging that is also aimed at providing customers that satisfactory unboxing experience needs to have that touch of class. Single or dual tone packaging boxes in tray and lid type boxes or even one-piece attached lid style boxes that have minimalistic printing for brand names or logos on any of their sides can look great. However, professional packaging, whether you need it for your packaged sweets, luxury perfumes, expensive jewelry or high quality fashion clothing products, also needs to have elegant insides as much as it needs luxurious outsides.

In fact all parts of your packaging need to highlight your attention to detail and elegant finish. If you have products such as personal or business gift items that need to be packaged bundled into multi product type packaged boxes, to ensure a satisfactory unboxing for your customers, the inner tray inserts should follow the same color and design them as the outer part of you boxes. Similar colors and printing if required with surface lamination finish as well can impress your customers indeed.

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