Qualified Assessment Of Fixed Assets Of The Enterprise

Practice shows that to make any purchase / sale transactions, division or business combination, you need to know how much it costs. We need the most accurate examination, which will have legal force. And we can conduct it – assessment of the value of fixed assets of an enterprise is one of the core types of our services. During our work, we carried out examinations for companies from different fields, so that you can be sure of the accuracy of our conclusions.

Why our valuation of fixed assets would be the best option?

We can provide an expert opinion on any company, but this is not the only advantage of contacting us. We give a legally confirmed assessment of the company’s fixed assets, which is sufficient evidence in notary offices, courts, credit institutions. And this is why it became possible:

Specialists of our company have sufficient experience to accurately consider all cases. They carry out property valuation in case of dividing, selling, renting enterprises of any scale and scope of activity. In each case, you are guaranteed the right decision.

Our valuation of fixed assets is truly comprehensive. Everything is taken into account – not a single source of income is affected, which influences the final conclusion. If the specialists of our company carry out property valuation, the authorized capital, fixed assets, equipment, vehicle fleet and all other assets are considered. After analyzing each of them during the examination, our employees compile a detailed report.

All operations of an assessment of property of the organization pass without delays and bureaucratic delays. Our specialists work carefully, but at the same time quickly, because they have rich experience in solving such problems. When an accurate assessment of fixed assets is carried out promptly, you will receive an examination report as soon as possible – this is convenient.

Our services cost customers a reasonable amount. Our property valuation value is attractive not only for its accuracy, but also for its availability. In the financial issue, we focus on the client, objectively determining the price of services, depending on the nature and volume of the order.

Our valuation of fixed assets is 100% independent. It is not affected by external factors, which is why it is so objective and accurate. And, of course, it is clear to the client: if you are waiting for a transparent assessment of the assets of the company, please contact us. We will be glad to make a very clear report.

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What is the use of valuation of fixed assets?

The examination is carried out in accordance with IFRS, that is, with international standards adopted in the financial statements. As a result:

Accurate assessment of the property of the enterprise will give its owners and managers maximum information about the current state of affairs in the company. This will allow to think over the strategy of the future work of the company, based on objective data.

By all the rules, the compiled assessment of fixed assets and property of an enterprise will be a reliable document for any bank. For long-term loans, its presence is simply a prerequisite.

With the assessment of fixed assets conducted in accordance with IFRS, there is a convenient opportunity to reduce the cost of borrowed capital. For banks, the company becomes more attractive, respectively, it offers more favorable terms.

If according to all the rules of IFRS, the organization’s property pricing is carried out , the enterprise starts working on the same conditions as all the leading companies in the world. With the implementation of the examination of the company opens up new opportunities for international cooperation.

And finally, remember that the valuation of an enterprise’s assets helps to determine all the financial instruments of a company. Thanks to her, you can understand how effectively the company works, what are its prospects. So it just needs to be carried out, and you can always entrust it to us. Contact us when you need a valuation of property in the division / association of companies, in the sale or purchase of a business, as well as for revaluation – we will be happy to provide audit assistance.

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