Secret Life Hacks And Travelling.

How to travel the world two times cheaper and not to deny yourself anything:

Despite the sharp weakening of the ruble to travel as often as a couple of years ago, it is quite possible. You just need to spend a little more time planning a trip and know which pitfalls to get around while reducing the budget for rest. “Go to this website” dealt with the details.

The most profitable plane tickets:

  1. To catch the most favorable price for air tickets, it is not always necessary to buy them for a year. For each direction – its time.

For example, when you plan a trip to Russia, the most important thing is not to go to extremes: not to leave a reservation on the last day, but not to do it too much in advance. The best option is to buy a ticket a month before departure.

In the case of Asia, everything is ambiguous. While the ruble was relatively stable, it really made sense to think about the flight over the year. But now no one wants to risk, and the tickets closer to the date of departure are not so expensive. They can be bought for six months or two weeks, and the price will differ slightly.

But it is better to plan flights to Europe in advance. The further the day of departure – the cheaper the tickets. Half a year is a good time. Same story with America.

As for long-distance flights – to Australia or New Zealand, here the rule “the earlier, the more profitable” works one hundred percent. Tickets purchased for the year will be twice cheaper than booked at the last moment.

  1. On the Internet, life hacking is being replicated with might and main that tickets are best ordered not from Macs, but from Windows, because this way they will be a bit cheaper. However, if we buy tickets while sitting in Russia, you should not worry about this: we still do not know how to analyze the user in such detail.
  2. They also say that tickets on the night from Tuesday to Wednesday increase in price, but this is only partly true. International flights are becoming more expensive, and a flight like Moscow-Sochi is practically not affected.

But if you have the opportunity to fly away and return on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, and not on other days of the week, then a little more money will remain on your bank card. The fact is that these are less popular and, accordingly, cheaper days for flights. After all, business trips are usually sent on Mondays, and on vacation – on Fridays or Saturdays, in order to capture more days.

  1. If you want to save on travel, you have to spend a little more time planning it. Compare prices on different sites to find tickets, play with various handy tools, invented by the teams of these portals. For example, on a special website there is a “Low Price Calendar” service, which allows you to calculate in advance the days when the cheapest flights will be available for purchase.
  2. Very often, good tickets can be grabbed off with a significant discount, you only need to do it on time, until everything is disassembled. In order not to miss the moment, you should subscribe to mailings of various airlines and search sites that notify about their promotions.

The ticket price changes every 15 minutes – for a variety of reasons. It is like stocks on the stock exchange. If you have already decided exactly where you want to go, and wait for the right moment to book a flight, there is a convenient service on this site: you can subscribe to the newsletter about the change in air ticket prices so as not to update the site time after time.

  1. To accumulate bonus miles is a good idea, but sometimes it seems completely unrealizable. In order not to force yourself to fly only one airline all the time, you should find out which alliances include those carriers whose services you use most often. So collect miles will turn faster. To do this, you need to have cards of these alliances and fill in the data about your travels in a special form on the site.

If you do not fly at all very often, then the miles may burn. But there is another way: to get a credit card, with which you can accumulate miles, paying in grocery stores and gas stations. Similar programs offer different banks – read the conditions on their sites and select the one that is right for you.

  1. Search sites allow you to find flights with one or two transfers, which are often cheaper than direct ones. The path is longer and less comfortable, but for the best price it can be easily survived. The main thing is to make sure that the transfer takes about two to three hours. If the gap between connections is less, there is a risk of being late for the second flight or at least very worried. If the gap is longer, you can get tired of waiting at the airport.

Another thing is that the search sites are not looking for connections at once of two low-cost airlines, that is, low-cost airlines. However, this can be done independently. Let’s say you are flying to Paris. To get started, find the entry point: check all promotions on all sites and select a settlement, which will be the cheapest to fly to Moscow. This city – often Budapest or Krakow – will be your entry point. After that, learn all the flights to Paris on the low-cost airlines flying from your point.

Savings on domestic relocations:

  1. Going on a trip to Europe, do not forget that sometimes it is cheaper to get from the entry point not by plane, but by train or bus. Five minutes of work in a search engine – and you can easily find the sites of different carriers to compare prices and understand which option is more convenient and more profitable. Search in this case is better, of course, in English or in the language of your entry point, if you know it. Sometimes the trip can go slightly cheaper, but obviously tedious. Here it is important to decide what you want more: save money, survive the adventure or still get to your destination in the best way.

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