To Be Unfaithful To Find The Feelings Of The State In Love

It is a simple sexual drive to fill the sexual need. But it is also sometimes the need to feel understood, accepted for what we are. Desired as we are.

Some people are addicted to the crush and are nostalgic of this period full of “butterflies in the belly”. They regret the time when they had their stomach knotted before each appointment, when their heart was racing at the slightest kiss, the slightest caress and when they could no longer sleep or eat or concentrate because everything their being only thought of him / her. It happens sometimes in life to be nostalgic of this state of love but some people never really mourn this blessed period.

Especially since the life of a couple tends to trivialize our qualities. So when we do not manage to evolve into a couple in energy and growth, one weakens, the desire to find the feelings of the state in love – added to the excitement of renewal and the forbidden – pushes to adultery. They imagine that by going into the arms of another, they will be able to recharge their battery.

The danger of infidelity

Unfaithfulness can be a game, a hobby that allows us to fill our needs and find pleasure in the arms of another when, within his relationship, sexuality is routine, or at the point death. It is also the way to reassure oneself by proving that one always pleases sydney couples program But it is a vicious circle because when one of the partners seeks to have fun with another to fulfill his sexual needs, he can push the other partner to seek comfort elsewhere to meet his emotional needs. Thus, the couple avoids any moment of intimacy, which prevents him from facing his problems.

Why ? Because by spending time with his lover or his mistress, we are no longer interested in his / her partner and we forget his problems of couples because we have the head elsewhere. This indifference can lead to a point of no return.

Infidelity, a cure for the couple?

Sometimes it happens that the infidelity is beneficial for the couple. When the amorous state effect fades with the lover, then the question arises: “Do I still love my husband / wife? “. And often the answer is yes. We realize that all couples work in the same way. In this case, infidelity appears as a way – dangerous – to better understand oneself, to better understand what you really want and who you want with you sydney couples program Sometimes, the lover helps us to admit problems that arise within our legitimate couple through remarks, reproaches and behavior similar to our partner. And then, when unfaithfulness is discovered, it can have the effect of highlighting all the unspoken and repressed feelings in his relationship, which generates the crisis. And the crisis often ends in a questioning, we put everything flat, we SPEAK.

Thus, we finally announce to the other his expectations, his needs, his doubts … and the other listens more attentively, because the communication has been released. Through the exchange, the couple can make decisions together and find solutions together.

After the infidelity, a new commitment

Who says solutions says new resolutions. New contract, new commitment, new promises. It’s time for forgiveness and it’s time to get rid of old clothes to don new ones. The deceiver must swear fidelity to his half and promise never to do it again. Thus, the couple can start on a good basis. Rediscover, reconnect in a healthier relationship because more mature.

Be careful though to think carefully before acting! Infidelity is a dangerous game that can be left or double. There are other ways to boost your relationship. The secret of a couple is to face the challenges together to become stronger, not to get around the obstacle. You have to work with your partner every day and pamper him like a child, especially when everything is bad. The Fantastic Irenas Bookkeeping Services Sydney was created to reconnect couples and make them develop an emotional maturity essential to all successful couples.

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