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I decided to launch an article to list the various solutions for promoting a website. I will embellish it as and when my findings, my experiences, but also returns you will make me. The goal is to provide a comprehensive and up-to-date collection of tools for Internet users who, like you and me, want to promote their website. They will only have to choose the tools that will stick to their business strategy and their budget.

First of all, you must know that all the actions you will carry out will be, directly or indirectly, website promotionl tools for your website. In addition to the communication tools that we will highlight below, it must be understood that the main communication tool is your site in itself and your services / products. If you keep this in mind, you will not have trouble sorting and stand out on the internet:

As we have suggested in this short introduction, your services / products are an integral part of the website promotionl strategy they will be subjected to. In addition to the intrinsic strengths of your products / services, the quality with which you will present them, illustrate them and put them forward will suffice to give the advantage to your website. So take the time to use beautiful images, precise descriptions and the most complete possible and why not, decorate your pages with a video that illustrates the ins and outs of products or services.

A beautiful presentation will have a greater probability of being relayed and shared by its user-friendliness, its content and its attractiveness: do not forget it!


We call “web marketing” (also cyber marketing or net marketing) any operation to improve the visibility of a site using the internet as a prospecting channel. The term web marketing is used as opposed to “traditional marketing “.

However, web marketing and traditional marketing are not necessarily competitors, so an online promotion (on the web) well-articulated with offline p website promotionl (traditional) will have even more impact.

He press is the traditional media par excellence for conducting a communication campaign. Website promotion is no exception to this rule.

Communication through this channel is usually via a press release, ie a short descriptive text sent to journalists.

The viral marketing consists of using interpersonal relationship between Internets to disseminate information. This is to make site visitors the ambassadors for the website promotionl of the site through a phenomenon of recommendation or word of mouth. Successful viral marketing will lead to exponential diffusion

Social media

Social media like Facebook and Twitter (with a billion users each) is a great way to promote your website. Providing links to your pages (depending on the nature of the content) can be beneficial.


About 1 billion people use YouTube each month. This fact, combined with the huge popularity of the video, YouTube naturally promotes your website your website is finally online! Proud of the online storefront or e-commerce store of your company, you want to make it known. To be visible online, your website must be referenced, but not that. There are many techniques to put in place to gain notoriety on the web.

 Promote your website on communication media

Many people tend to separate online and offline. In reality, both communications must complement each other. To start promoting your website, you must first put it on all your communication media: business cards, commercial brochures, press releases and press kits…

Having a site may seem obvious to some. But still, too many companies are not online. In addition, not all domain names are: or That is why it is now imperative to highlight your website on your communication media offline, but not only!

You most certainly have a LinkedIn profile, a Facebook page or even a Twitter account. Feel free to embed the URL of your website on your own social networks, but also on those of your brand. The more points of contact you multiply, the more likely you are to get traffic to your website.

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