What varieties of mourning flowers according to the relationship with the deceased?

During the funeral, the flowers of mourning make a last tribute to the deceased. However, there are many varieties of flowers. How to choose?

To choose your flowers of mourning, you will have to take into account the links which united you to the deceased. Whether you are close to the family, a family member or close friend of the deceased, these tips will enlighten you in your choice.

You are a member of the deceased’s family

The funeral is an opportunity for the family members of the deceased to express their emotions, their love but also to honor his memory.The spouse generally opts for red roses to express deep feelings and an everlasting love. Children often choose a coffin top for their deceased parent.

The rest of the family can take care of the grave front,mourning wreaths or mourning cushions. On the other hand, when the disappeared person is a child, the white color is mainly privileged because it symbolizes the purity and the consolation.

You are a close friend of the deceased

The loss of a friend is a painful step. In most cases, the deceased’s friends offer flower arrangements smaller than those of the family.Offering a mourning crown will show how much you owe to your missing friend and express your support for the family. Close friends also have the opportunity to offer a shower stitched in foam cushion. Send flowers by post to your close friend.

If pastel-colored flower arrangements are the most used,there’s nothing stopping you from offering brightly colored mourning flowers to remind you of the happy memories you shared with this friend. Also consider his tastes and personality when choosing your flowers.

You are an acquaintance of the deceased

If you have known the missing person and wish to show your support to the family, several types of flowers can be adapted. The car nation allows you to pay a discreet and respectful tribute. The alternative is to send mourning flowers as a group with other acquaintances or friends. In this case,you can attach an accompanying message with the names of the donors. This delicate attention will remind the family that she is not alone in this difficult ordeal.

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