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Luminous intensity, window dimensions, style are all criteria that define the choice of a blind. Explanations

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Choosing a blind is not neglected. Today, the range is vast and the blinds multiply the materials and the formats to better adapt to the style of our interior decoration. According to the type of desired brightness, the dimensions of the windows and the style which you wish to infuse, the choice of the awning will be different.

To filter the light while showing the outside with their adjustable blades, prefer venetian blinds or vertical blinds also called Californian blinds. For a subdued atmosphere, opt for window shutter companies in Houston, boat awnings in specific fabric or even venetian blinds. The darkness, it will be dispensed through Japanese blinds, boat blinds or opaque reels.

As you can see, the brightness is more a matter of matter than kind of store.

The dimensions of the windows are references which also define the choice of the blind. The small windows are adorned with Venetian blinds, boat blinds and window shutter companies in Houston. This is because they are available in a wide range of sizes but mainly because they are available in widths less than 40 cm. The big windows, they accept several kinds of blinds: the blind with adjustable bands whose width can reach 2.50 m, the Japanese blinds sliding on rails allowing not to be limited in width and the venetian blinds which in addition from their great width, spread out over a height of 2.50 m.

As an element of decoration in its own right, the awning also has the function of seating the style and ambience of an interior decoration. Thus, a design atmosphere will be affirmed by a venetian blind or a Californian blind, the classic influence will be suggested by boat blinds while the Scandinavian trend can be interpreted with window shutter companies in Houston. Finally, Japanese blinds will evoke an environment that is both Zen and minimalist.

Put a wooden venetian blind

Explanations for easily installing a wooden Venetian blind.

The venetian blind consists of screws, Velcro strips, fasteners and a valance.

The venetian blind can be installed in 3 different ways: in ceiling position, on the wall above the window or on the window sill, our explanation.

Prepare the necessary tools for the installation of your blind, namely: a meter, a pencil, a pair of scissors, a screwdriver, a drill / screwdriver and a level.

Marking and drilling

Install the awning in its final location on the wall or window. Check its correct position using the level. Then trace the two corners of the blind. Take the fixings and position them in the marked corners, then mark the piercing points. To facilitate drilling, pre-drill your window with a suitable drill bit (if you put your awning on a wall, you will need to drill and install dowels).

Venetian blind installation

Take the bindings, place them on the markers and screw them. Once this is done, put the awning in the fixings and lock them.

Setting up the valance

After cutting the velcro strips at least 3 equal parts, peel off the protective film on one side of the strips and distribute them evenly along the valance. Scratch the opposite velcro strips and remove the second protective film. Finally, attach the valance at the top of the blind. It conceals the mechanism and will bring the final touch to the installation of your Venetian blind.

Put a boat awning on a window

Find all the explanations to put a boat awning on a window.

For a very decorative and aesthetic effect, take care to choose a shade whose width is 3 cm greater than that of the glass. With the installation on wing, the awning follows the opening of the window.

No need for a drill to install these blinds. A simple screwdriver is enough.

The laying of the supports

Prepare the bindings. Take the awning boxes and screw them onto the supports.

Open the window and put a first support straddling the top. Tighten it with a screwdriver

Proceed in the same way for the second support, taking care to pose it symmetrically.

Close the window

The installation of the boat blind

The supports are ready to receive the blind. Present it on the fasteners and clip it firmly. Test the blind mechanism and do not forget to install the screw covers.

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