The New Version Of Zoho Campaigns Is Out!

Email Marketing is no longer just a simple message that fits everyone. Today is a very complex exercise that requires understanding the behavior and interests of your subscribers to achieve results. Targeted, relevant and personalized messages are the best solution for each of your subscribers to feel unique. With this in mind, we developed the new zoho site Campaigns.

A new streamlined interface

This is the most obvious change you will notice when you upgrade to the new version. Our streamlined interface is designed to enhance the user experience and help you reach your goals faster.

Drag, drop, and send

The design of emails is one of the main factors that determines their success. The new editor gives access to complex and responsive models via a simple “drag-and-drop” interface . The model gallery also provides access to a number of new designs suitable for almost any occasion.

Design insights on multiple devices:  We partnered with Litmus to preview your models on different devices and systems before sending your campaign.

Design to improve engagement / action: Adding header text, attachments, and links to social networking profiles has never been easier.

Several versions for your models:  each version of the model is saved so that you can find the history of your final design.

Personalization from the opening.

The customization goes further than the only names and names. More subscribers will be receptive to your emails if they feel that the messages are written specifically for them. Of dynamic content provide access to several sections of your models from the information you have on your subscribers.

You can develop a wide range of messages for different users and zoho site Campaigns takes care of highlighting the most relevant content for them, as soon as they open their email.

Automation at your service

Efficient automation is a huge time saver for marketers. We added a number of customizable autoresponders that put the email campaigns into autopilot. The new version has many more triggers and streams that allow you to perform tracking actions based on the behavior and actions of your audiences.

Reports to help you plan your next action

Your emailing reports are more effective when they guide you suggest to improve them to bring to your next campaigns. Whether it’s the status of your email address list or the engagement of your subscribers, now you can access detailed reports at every step of your campaign . Once your campaigns are launched, the flexible dashboard¬† shows you a summary of the performance of your marketing emails.

A communication campaign that respects the rules

zoho site Campaigns has always provided tools that allow marketers to successfully conduct marketing based on consumer authorization. In the last update, we introduce limits that control how many emails each subscriber receives in a particular time period. You can adapt this according to what works best with your audience.

Become more organized

Our updates are designed to make the marketer’s life easier. The new version allows you to do your job as quickly and accurately as possible.

User Functions and Privileges: You can now create permissions for different types of users working on your campaigns and define roles for the unique needs of each team.

Folders and Favorites: Lists, campaigns, and reports can now be grouped to display only relevant information. Bookmark your most used pages to find them in one click.

Manager Agreements: If you have more than one person working on your team, you can add managers to make the final decision about your email campaigns.

There is much more to explore in this new version of Zoho Campaigns and more to come in the coming days. We hope you enjoy these new features and we would love to have your feedback!

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